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Kerala state which is blessed with god grace. Come and explore Kerala the state with an inexpressible beauty. Sandwiched between the Arabian Sea on the west and forested Western Ghats, the state is blessed with supreme scenic beauty, sun kissed sea beaches, backwaters. The state has also earned the distinction of being the finest center for ayurvedic treatment in the country. Travel Kerala India, a choc-a-bloc with places that attract tourists and travelers from all over the world to India justifying its appellation Kerala - God's Own Country. Entice your self as you plan to explore the landscape bestowed with beauty.

                The Healing Touch Through Ayurveda TOP

Ayurveda, Kerala is one of the major attraction of the state. The exact meaning of the word Ayurveda can be derived by breaking it into two - Ayur means life and Veda the science or knowledge. Thus the Science of life teaches individuals to lead a healthy, happy, comfortable life both physically and mentally. The World Health Organization recognizes this 3,000-year-old system of medicine as the safest system of alternative medicine. Kerala is a narrow, fertile strip of land on the southwest coast of India, immensely blessed both physically and culturally, and the only state in India which practices this system of medicine with absolute dedication
Monsoon season that falls between June-November are considered the best period for Ayurvedic treatment massage treatment and rasayana chikilsa. Massage promotes better circulation of blood and removes causes of fatigue. Rasayana chikilsa is the Ayurvedic treatment for preventing and curing senility by purifying and strengthening all the tissues of the body.

The Bedazzling Beaches of Kerala TOP

Travel to Beaches of Kerala in order to explore the traditions and culture of the people living alongside the coastline. Although Kerala beaches to take up a backseat because of the backwater cruises and the Ayurveda holidays, yet it is recommended that if you are in Kerala and you must pay a visit to the sensous beaches of Kerala. Plan you tour to Kerala beaches now! and discover the "undiscovered beach hideaways" of Kerala.       

Periyar National Park TOP

The Periyar wildlife sanctuary a perfect tourist spots for wildlife enthusiasts. Periyar is renowned wildlife sanctuary in India. Travel to Periyar and have a time of your life in a park that is a haven to a number of wild and feathered species. Also known as Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary, it provides a perfect atmosphere for watching wild animals in their natural habitat. Spanning over an area of 777 sq. km, the sanctuary occupies a good space on the Cardamom hills of Western Ghats. Travel on the splendid artificial lake within the sanctaury to experience the exciting wildlife of the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. The forest here slopes into the periyar lake, which serves as the waterhole for the animals where they can be spotted taking a dip or drinking the water. Boat services are available to take the visitor around the lake.

Elephant, Guar, Sambhars and Tigers are the major attraction of the sanctaury.. A variety of other wild species including Bison, Spotted Deer, Leopards, Malabar Flyings Squirrels, Stripe necked Mongooses and countless others can also be spotted around the periyar lake. There are over 260 species of birds here, including Nilgiri Wood Pigeons, Blue-Winged Parakeets, White Bellied Tree Pies, Laughing Thrushes and Fly Catchers.

                The Blue Water Adorning the City TOP

Backwaters of Kerala is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions of Kerala as well as of India. It is believed the large part of Kerala lives along these backwaters. They snake over the state physique, bestowing paddy fields with good harvests, and provide the whole village with drinking water and other facilities.
The backwaters refer to the large inland lakes of Kerala. Today these backwaters play an indispensible part in the lives of Keralites as these water ways act as the transport of people and produce.
Backwater is a body of stagnant water connected to a river. The backwaters of Kerala- meandering inland lakes networked by canals - stretch to over 1900km. Boat across these tranquil stretches are an experience unique to Kerala. Large Kettuvalloms (traditional country crafts over 60ft. in length) have been converted into luxury houseboats for these cruises. Local Malayali people call it Kayals.

Kerala Festivals TOP

The festivals of Kerala are vivacious and packed with centuries of unbroken tradition and culture. They are spectacular, endearing, colourful, mystical, miraculous display of fireworks, processions of gold bedecked elephants etc. You'll have to keep coming back for a lifetime to really witness this myriad range of experiences


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